The Optimal Vitamin D Level

The optimal level in serum, at least 75 nmol/l, can be reached by the dose of 800 – 1000 IU per day*.
  • 25(OH)D in nanomols per liter (nmol/l)
  • < 25 nmol/l Severe deficiency
  • 25 – 49 nmol/l Deficiency
  • 50 – 74 nmol/l Insufficiency
  • 75 – 110 nmol/l Adequacy

To reach 800-1,000 IU
Higher doses may be prescribed if you’ve been diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency.

Spending daily 20 minutes in the sun with 40 per cent of body exposed to the sun.
Eating vitamin D rich or fortified foods, but many experts claim this is not nearly adequate.
Separate Vitamin D supplementation is an easy way to meet daily needs.